2010 December 21

Chic Chat With Kim Vernon

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Kim Vernon Kim Vernon
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Chic Report welcomes Kim Vernon to our growing list of columnists. Her remarkable editorials kick off with "Time for Change."

"There is much talk about change in our industry. Big talk. Big speculation. Commentary on who, what, why. Barneys provided the holiday season kick-off. Mark Lee's first big changes had jaws dropped. But why? Shouldn't you empower your CEO to make decisions, no matter how they are perceived? Barneys has to change, in some ways, to be more profitable. We all know that.

Change can be great for people. Who can't wait to see what Julie Gilhart does next? I will be clapping when she decides. And Jim Gold, go for it. Rought times are in the near past for Neiman Marcus, so get ahead of things. Reshuffle the deck. Wake people up. No gasping, applauding. We are all replaceable. And now Carine Roitfeld? So what? Leaving at the top! She'll remain a star in the fashion world with her 'personal endeavors!'

Only a few changes cause trepidation for the fashion populous to consider. Karl not at Chanel? Miuccia not at Prada? Well, Calvin isn't at Calvin, and Valentino isn't at Valentino. At some point, Armani won't be at his helm. And so on! Making changes takes guts and smarts! And they don't always seem best, at first, and sometimes, they sure do fail. But our big fashion/retail show goes on—differently, but it does. Let's not mourn the past, and instead, celebrate it and move on! Happy New Year!

And one more thing.......I miss Ingrid Sischy's Letter from the Editor page in Interview."


Kim Vernon is an industry veteran who opened her consulting company four years ago after working for brands such as Calvin Klein and Prada. Vernon Company works with brands to stimulate growth through branding, marketing, licensing, distribution, funding, and strategic planning.





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