2012 September 28

Cologne-Filled Encounters Avec Alexander Skarsgard

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Italo Zucchelli, Alexander Skarsgard Italo Zucchelli, Alexander Skarsgard
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Calvin Klein hosted an intimate bash last night at Green Gallows, the slightly magical rooftop bar at Sleep No More HQ of the McKitterick Hotel, with an optional foray into the critically acclaimed, trippy masked experience of Sleep No More downstairs. The occasion? Toasting, with plenty of bubbly and sidecars to go around, to their Encounter cologne. Oh, and it was also a chance to fawn overwe mean, chat upthe scent's studly campaign lad, actor Alexander Skarsgard, on his olfactory and CK memories. We would've hung out with you circa a middle school dance, Alexander! Check out the Gallery for snaps of the party's chic set including Olivia Wilde, 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer, CK's Italo Zucchelli, GQ's Jim Moore, and more...

What are your current cologne habits?
I wear cologne, but I don't like when it's too strong. Everyone has a very personal, natural scent. That's seductive to me! The marriage of your natural scent and a cologne keeps things interesting and sexy. So you don't want to kill or overpower that personal scent. I've made that mistake.

When have you you tripped up, scent-ually speaking?
As a teenager, I was like, "Oh, women love cologne! Awesome!" So before a school dance, I basically took a bath in not one, but five different colognes because I liked them all. I ended up in the corner all alone during the dance; there was definitely a cloud of cologne around me.

What was your first CK encounter?
I grew up in Sweden, and when I was a kid we only had two channels on television, and no commercial channels, and it wasn't like L.A. or New York, with billboards everywhere. But there were ads in the subways, so I remember that. Obviously, the Kate Moss and Marky Mark [Wahlberg] ads! Those were very, very memorable. Especially Kate's.

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