2013 February 5

Bryan Boy's First Designer Collab: Furry Edition

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After years of sitting front row, Bryan Boy is finally cashing in on the collaboration market. The blogger is partnering with high-end furrier Adrienne Landau on a range of unisex accessories (if you consider bow ties unisex...). The line, ranging from $38 to $598, will be available on adriennelandau.com and BryanBoy.com, as well as at Adrienne Landau retailers come Fall 2013. In the meantime, let's chat about Honey Boo Boo...

When was the moment of clarity that you knew you belonged in fashion?

When I first read my mom’s magazines, because magazines provided an escape from reality.  

What is your design process?
It really started from a lot like trial and error. I’m a consumer but not a trained designer.  

No FIT or Parsons?
No! Adrienne didn’t have mink scarves in an orange or a bright color, so we collaborated to get all the things we want.

Did it start as a joke?
Yes! Two weeks later we had lunch and we decided to do something. Our first piece was the camera strap. We said why don’t we cover the strap with fur and then it just started from there! We picked the colors for the scarves, the hats, everything.

What is the one color from the collection that's a must?
I love the emerald green.

Some call it the color of the year!
I didn't know that. We probably figured that out like six months ago.

It seems all bloggers are collaborating. Will every human soon have a collaboration?
Why not?! I mean, if you are doing something that you really love...

Even Honey Boo Boo?
I still don’t know what she is going to do, but if it’s organic, why not?! 

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