2012 April 5

Barbie Plans to Turn the White House Pink

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Chris Benz avec Barbie! Chris Benz avec Barbie!
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Barbie may be the chicest candidate for the 2012 elections—and it's certainly not her first time on the campaign trail. For the beloved doll's fifth (!) presidential "glampaign" over the last two decades, Chris Benz designed a bright pink getup for the "Barbie I Can Be...President" doll, and it's quite the fetching getup: The collarless blazer sports cropped sleeves, a patriotic ruffled lapel, and a pink and white brooch, nipped at the waist atop a slim, knee-length pencil skirt with a flattering trio of tuck details beneath the waistband. As for that Barbie bod beneath the Benz-designed threads, the doll will be able to stand on her own two feet, literally: thanks to a pair of Pepto pink slingback wedges, this politically-themed iteration of Barbie is able to stay upright without support or the need for a doll stand. Join the "B Party" this June: the doll is priced at $13.99 and available in four ethnic varieties. Chic caught up with Benz at this morning's hilarious junket at Grand Central's Campbell Apartment... 

How long have you had the pink hair for, Chris?
Over a year!

It's still holding up!
I know. It's not easy being green. I think I'm stuck with it now.

Tell us about waking up one day and dreaming of working with Barbie.
I literally woke up one morning and thought that's exactly what we should be doing because it's all about color, all about fashion. It's everything we love in our own collection. I felt like the universe was telling me to contact them.

Was Mattel immediately receptive?
Yes. Everyone on the Barbie team is so fun. They love anything new and exciting. It's such an honor and blessing to have this project .

You went to Mattel headquarters. What was that like?
It's every childhood fantasy that you can imagine Willy Wonka style. It was a lot like a candy company, just surrounded in such secrecy because of the development, it's such a big business. It can't not be that way.

Is anybody going to be dressing Ken?
We don't know yet! We're hoping! I'll do it.

Did you play with Barbie as a kid?
I did. I had a Malibu Ken, but I was really disappointed because he only came with one pair of board shorts. I loved the clothes aspects of Barbie. My mom and sisters had loads of Barbies.

Is this a childhood dream for you?

I guess so. Subconsciously I suppose it is!

Good luck with the campaign!
Thank you so much!

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