2011 April 1

Anybody Hungry?

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Food Time! Food Time!
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Looking for a cheap place to grab a bite in Manhattan this weekend? Resin designer Chantel Valentene writes in with another foodie rec.

"I was out and about in SoHo on one of those sunny days we’ve had recently, enjoying the quintessential New York experience. I strolled into Rick Owens and Atelier with my friend, discussing the relative merits of paying rent and buying new clothes. We chilled, grabbed drinks and waxed philosophical about life (due to tipsiness).  Next stop: What Goes Around Comes Around. All the while, our stomachs were consuming themselves. One of the staffers tipped us off to MoonCake. The next thing we knew, three people are impressing upon us to eat the miso salmon.

We strolled around the corner to find a modest Asian diner. The menu consisted of savory sandwiches and snacks like springy wontons stuffed with snow-pea greens, sweetly spiced chicken wings, and lobster mango summer rolls. We started with the salad: grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, mesclun and buckwheat soba noodles, topped with ginger cilantro pesto dressing. I met my quota for one healthy meal a day. Also as recommended, we each ordered the salmon. Cue the home-cooked Asian comfort food choir. Hallelujah! This is some good sh*t!. Best part was the bill: all of $32 for appetizers, entrees, and drinks. You know we were happy because we cleaned our plates and left with the buttons to our jeans undone. THE DETAILS: Locations at 28 Watts Street, 359 West 54th Street, and 263 West 30th Street. More info at mooncakefoods.com."

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