2012 October 2

German InStyle Editrix Annette Weber: "The French Don't Like the Germans!"

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Annette Weber Annette Weber
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Yesterday, one major German EIC told us that she was skipping Saint Laurent because she received a standing room ticket. Today before the Chanel show, German InStyle's EIC Annette Weber (we adore!) revealed that she also had to miss the show because she wasn't invited. How'd that go over?

How are things?
I could not be any better!

Because it's Paris, and it's almost the last day!

Did you see Saint Laurent last night?
Nope. We were not invited. I think they are not interested in the German market, which is of course is a mistake, because we are 80 million people and we have no financial crisis. We are the best market in Europe. It's a mistake to not respect us. Is it true they cut the Y in the logo?

It is!
How can you do that? It's one of the most famous brands worldwide. Millions of brands would kill for that, no? Why did they do that?

Are there any other shows that you have trouble getting into?
Paris is a little tough in general for the Germans. It has nothing to do with InStyle—the other publishing houses have major problems, too. The French don't like the Germans. It's heritage that they don't like us. We look ugly, in their opinion—we look fat and not stylish.

Maybe we should get the UN involved to create peace!
Quite frankly, I'm thinking about that! We are treated like idiots and we are not. We do great magazines. We have the strongest market in Central Europe, and if you want to build a brand, you have to include Germany. But anyway, there is good food here! 

What's your favorite Karl Lagerfeld moment?
When we were at his home,  it was a very hot summer day and three of us were invited for lunch. It was during his thinnest period. I assumed we would have some macrobiotic or healthy foods, and then he served us German Eisbein, which is the most fattening dish you can imagine. It was hard to eat because it was on the bone. He had something else, but we had to eat the Eisbein. 

Did you eat every bite?
Of course not. I was so excited that I couldn't eat anything. At the end, it was very funny, because he took a sip of Diet Coke and he said that when you drink it very slowly, it's like chocolate. He's so quick, he's so witty, he's so intelligent, you can hardly keep up. He is larger than life! 

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