2012 February 22

Analyze This! A Psychiatrist Takes on @StefanoGabbana

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Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana
Patrick McMullan
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Stefano Gabbana’s nonsensical and emoticon-heavy Twitter feed has been fascinating and mystifying the fashion cognoscenti since its 2010 launch. With over 30,000 tweets and counting, we thought it was about time for a professional opinion. We asked notable psychiatrist, Dr. Robi Ludwig, Psy. D., to ponder the phenom.

What was your initial reaction to the tweets?
He certainly wants to connect with his audience. There’s a sense of pride. He wants to reveal the private and personal to Stefano’s 159,000 followers. Actually, that’s not a ton, considering.

What do you make of the photos?
Some of the pictures don’t have much artistic value—a view from an airplane, a figurine on a table—but they reveal a new side to him.

Do any in particular stand out for you?
In one, a man is holding another man who has a perfect body. He’s certainly embracing his homosexuality, right? We see a sense of pride as he shows off the beauty of men. There’s another photograph of Stefano as a little boy being held by his mother. He clearly loves and appreciates her. What a beautiful child! Well, dressed, too! Clearly, there are themes of Catholicism in many of his photos—the one of the nuns, for example. He just shares things as he finds them, very innocent and boy-like.

Why would someone share so much?
Certain people are more exhibitionist than others. They come alive when looked at. It helps a person feel like they exist, they’re important, they matter.

He seems very jolly.
Yes! I get the sense that he is living the dream.

He exchanged some harsh words with followers when he was accused of tax evasion. Thoughts?
Clearly this type of interchange should not have taken place on Twitter. Stefano’s fans, on some level, probably don’t expect to have direct access to him. The important take-away here? Not all followers are fans.

Have you seen any tweets about his love life?
I saw a picture of his dog, which was really cute.

Do you wear D&G?
I have, and I wish I could wear it every day of my life. I’m a big fan!


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