2012 October 1

Americans In Paris

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Antonio Azzuolo, John Patrick and Dana Lorenz Antonio Azzuolo, John Patrick and Dana Lorenz
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It's not only about the French during PFW! The CFDA and Vogue Fashion Fund, with the support of Tommy Hilfiger, held an open house over the weekend to show the Spring 2013 collections of American designers. The designers of A.A., Suno, Libertine, Albertus Swanepoel, Irene Neuwirth, Cushnie et Ochs, Fenton/Fallon, Creatures of the Wind, and Organic were on hand at Le Salon Marbeuf to meet buyers and editors who weren't able to come to their U.S. shows. We rounded up our American buddies to ask them what their "must do" is when they come to Paree. Jot these answers down, dear reader...

Antonio Azzuolo of a.a.:  I've been hearing about the Richter exhibition at the Centre Pomidou that's supposed to be amazing. I always go there whether it's for an exhibition or for a coffee. (Note: The Richter exhibition closed last Wednesday.) I'm also excited because I get to see my friends. I lived here for a long time."

Dana Lorenz of Fenton and Fallon jewelry: "There's a restaurant in the sixth called Lapérouse. Upstairs there are these little banquettes: throughout history aristocrats and famous men would take their mistresses there and bring them diamonds. When the men would go to the bathroom, the women would scratch the diamonds on the mirrored wall to prove that the gifts were real. They still have the original mirrors—and they're all scratched. Isn't that insane? Diamonds and whores!"

John Patrick: "When I'm in Paris, I must get so exhausted and tired and walk an incredible distance and get almost lost, because otherwise it wouldn't be Paris. I also always have to buy a beautiful envelope, card or piece of stationary. My preference is Guilbert. It's the best little paper shop ever. I also must have at least seven cups of French coffee a day. It's so delicious. I normally don't even drink coffee! I also have to look at all the human beings because they are all so gorgeous."

Irene Neuwirth: "This is going to be really nerdy and embarrassing to answer, but I woke up at 7 a.m. and went for a run. Nobody was awake. I walked five miles. It was my favorite thing. It was great to explore the city with everyone asleep."  

Albertus Swanepoel: "Angelina's hot chocolate is a must for me. Robert et Louise is also an incredible steakhouse. I also love walking through the Palais-Royal."

Carly Cushine and Michelle Ochs of Cushnie et Ochs: (in unison) "Foie gras! It's all about food." (Carly)" We have the usual suspects, but it's fun to try new places. The last time we were here we went to Bistronomie and the food was unbelievable. "

Chris Peters of Creatures of the Wind: "A l’Etoile d’Or, the candy shop, is the best! I'm not even that into candy. It's just the best. The woman there dresses like a school girl and she's dressed like that forever."

Erin Beatty of Suno: "Croissants are always on my must do list. I love the store Merci, but everyone loves it. There's also Brasserie Bofinger restaurant which is so good. Sooooo good!"


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