2012 September 28

Has Emmanuelle Alt Read CR Yet? Plus! That George Michael Cover...

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George Michael Superfan! George Michael Superfan!
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Heads were scratched when Emmanuelle Alt put George Michael on the cover of French Vogue's October issue with Kate Moss. Before the Isabel Marant show in Paris today, she let Chic in on her uber-obsession with Michael, and chatted CR...

Why George Michael?
I'm a fan. It's very simple. It's my generation. I don't know how the young people are going to react, because I don't think he's somebody famous for that generation. For people my age, he was an icon. It was cute to put him with Kate, because they are both a little scandalous in England, so they fit together perfectly. 

Was he surprised when you called?
Yes! He's shy and not familiar with doing features. He doesn't like it. He was flattered and liked the idea of doing it with Kate. They met once before and had a good thing. Kate is a big fan of his. She's generally obsessed with him, too. We kept smiling at him all day to try to make him feel comfortable. After they did the cover, he asked her to be in his video.

Aha! So the video came after...Did you play George Michael songs during the shoot?
No, that was borderline embarrassing to him. He was shy and discreet. 

What's your favorite song of his?
I used to be a very big fan of Wham so "Last Christmas." I also loved "Freedom." That video with the supermodels was a revolution. It was powerful. I'm a big fan. I know all his songs by heart, but I didn't show it during the shoot.

How was the Dior show?
It was great. What's happening to the Dior house is good; it's the Dior of today. There is no past reference, and everything is from now! They are going to find success. 

Have you had a chance to look at CR yet?
Not yet, but I will. 

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