2010 May 6

A Moment With…Tamara Mellon

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Tamara Mellon Tamara Mellon
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Tamara Mellon’s in-store event to celebrate the new Choo 24/7 boots may have been postponed due to volcanic ash delays the other week, but Mellon is back in the states and has hit the pavement running. We caught up with her about why it’s okay to wear a favorite pair of heels 24 hours a day, seven days a week…even beachside with the family.

You’ve braved the elements and made it to New York!
Yes! I was trapped in London with the volcano!

The Choo 24/7 boots are the latest creations from the new Choo 24/7 line.
Yes, the 24/7 is so exciting because the response from all the customers has been fantastic. I think we really hit on a need. Women desire these go-to pieces that still look modern and relevant. They also need to know that they’re not going to be out of fashion in two years time, and they can rely on the look down the line, as well. The whole concept was to have shoes that can de-stress your life. You know that if you have a staple shoe that goes with anything, then you can stop worrying so much.

What is your go-to de-stressor shoe?
With the boot collection I am going to pair a dress or pencil skirt with an ankle boot come fall. I’ll have the boot in black, suede and leopard print. And I’ll just grab them with jeans or a cocktail dress and I plan on that totally de-stressing my life. It can all depend on your mood.

And today’s mood is?
Yes, today I’m wearing a black heel instead of perhaps a leopard. I really like that the classic pump is coming back now, and it looks so cool and modern.

Any warm-weather plans now that you’re in the city?
This is going to be my first summer in New York, so it will be a whole discovery process! I know I want to take my daughter out to the Hamptons this summer, which will be fantastic. We’re a beach family, I’d say. I love it!

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