2010 September 27

A Moment With...Karolina Kurkova

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Karolina Kurkova Karolina Kurkova
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She may be a mom, but she's still a super---a fact proved when Karolina Kurkova took to the runway at Missoni, MaxMara, Pucci, and more (and that's just in Milan!). Chic caught up with her at Gianfranco Ferré, which she opened.

This is the first time you've been to Milan in ages!
Yes, absolutely. Like six years! So it's been fun recognizing the places that I used to go and seeing the same people within the same houses all over again.

Do you have a singular memory that stands out?
I always remember doing the Prada exclusive at 16. This was before I was aware of all the big labels or really knew their history. I always remember being at the Prada house when I had that job: it was very white, very simple, very quiet. I used to run around and laugh a lot---everyone always knew that I was in the building. When I started, Stefano from YSL was still there, Fabio who still does Miu Miu and Prada was there, and bunch of others have moved on. So I remember being that light bulb of energy.

Is it still a big deal to open a show?

Yes, of course. But I also don't mind being a surprise in the middle, or the end too. I think the whole opening and closing thing matters to younger models a lot more. Sometimes they think it's the end of the world if it doesn't happen. I'm just at a different stage in my career.

What's your favorite gelato flavor?
I usually love yogurt here which is hard to find in other places. Other than that, coconut would be it.

What happens to baby Tobin when you travel in Europe?
He'll come with me to Paris. It's very important to have my family close to me. My husband is coming with Tobin, and so is my mom. And Tobin actually traveled to Paris three times with me already, but he was conceived in Paris so you can say he's a French baby anyway! Having him in the same place as I am is so important to me. I'm not seeing him for a few days in Milan, so it's already very hard.

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