2010 September 9

A Moment With...John Delucie

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John Delucie John Delucie
NEIL RASMUS/PatrickMcMullan.com
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The chic cuisine impresario of the Waverly Inn and Lion fame is feeding you all week long at the Bon Appétit Café!

What’s on the menu Chez Carol?
A cauliflower soup with foraged mushrooms, for starters. Very seasonal and very chic.
What makes food chic?
In this case, the beautiful white color of the purée.
What’s the all-time chicest dish?
It depends on who’s eating it, for sure.
Is anything inherently unchic?
I think a pot pie is inherently unchic. Though when you have Karolina Kurkova eating it…
But Anna Wintour served pot pie at the last CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund dinner!
There you go. And I like to think I made it chic at the Waverly.
What are your Fashion Week plans?
I’m going to see some shows, like Simon Spurr and Catherine Malandrino. She’s a good friend of mine, and a great friend of The Lion. 
Do you ever feel out of your element?
Completely, but from a business perspective, we are thrilled to have such a great fashion clientele. I respect what they do so much.
Describe your personal style.
Street chic! I love G-Star denim and my Nikes. I’m also a slave to Gucci shoes.
What’s it take to get a res at The Lion?
It’s very simple. We have a wide-open reservation system. But to get a prime table at a good time? It could take many, many years in some cases. I’m kidding! A lot of people have my personal cell number. We have 100 seats, and we’re very, very welcoming. And the front tavern is first come, first served!

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