2010 September 20

A Moment With...Thomas Tait (Most Buzzed About Debut Designer of LFW)

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Thomas Tait's Debut for Spring 2011 Thomas Tait's Debut for Spring 2011
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How are you feeling after your first show?
It’s awesome. Every single day, it was like, this is not happening, it’s not going to work out—and now I’m like, okay, it worked out. It’s been insanely cool. I’m exhausted, but I’m really happy that I decided to do my own thing, direct my own show, organize the venue. More than anything it was a learning experience. Working with the people who do the leather and the people who do the shoes, going to the suppliers and speaking to musical artists about how we were going to mix the music. I’ve met so many people over the last two months, and that’s going to be something I can take with me and develop. It’s invaluable.

Tell us about the collection.

I wanted to do something that felt very cold. It’s a Spring/Summer collection, so I wanted fabrics that absorb humidity and are cold to the touch naturally. I wanted to do something that felt fast, but not in a fast-fashion manner; something about the touch of the garments and the finishings being really smooth. A lot of the garments are just one piece, and there’s no seam at the end; it’s very fluid. So something that felt fast in that sense, and clean.

What was the collection inspired by?

The inspiration is something I can never really pinpoint. I make the clothed myself and I cut the patterns myself—of course I have help in the studio, but all the patterns are cut on my own. A lot of things just develop in the process of making it, and I think that’s really important. There are a lot of happy mistakes that go into it. I’ll make something, and think, that’s not what I wanted in the sketch, but it looks amazing. Let’s go with it.

Where are you from? I’m not hearing an English accent.

I’m Canadian. My mother is French-Canadian and my father is Scottish.

How have you grown since your last season?

I wanted it to be a step forward. I didn’t use any black this season, it was all midnight blue, white and nude. I wanted to get the point across that, after last season, I don’t work only in black, I’m not a “goth” kind of designer. I want this to be more approachable. One day it will be available to purchase, and I hope that’s not too far out of reality!

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