2010 March 10

A Moment With...Mark Badgley and James Mischka

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Mark Badgley and James Mischka Mark Badgley and James Mischka
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(NEW YORK) Fresh from a triumphant Oscars showing (Dame Helen Mirren may not have won, but she certainly looked fabulous in Badgley Mischka), Mark Badgley and James Mischka launched their Spring American Glamour line—the collection created exclusively for the Home Shopping Network—last night with a bash attended by the likes of Iman and Kelly Rutherford. The Daily caught up with the boys to talk television.

Congratulations on the launch of the Spring line!
James: We started last year, but this is really our big launch. It’s apparel, jewelry, shoes, watches, handbags…We’re on the air for eight or 12 hours. It’s a lot of time on the air!
Mark: They say the time on-air goes really fast, but we don’t think so! The clothes are casual but glamorous, at the same time, it’s accessible.

Is it hard for you to create this line that’s priced so much lower than your collection?
J: It’s really a matter of intelligent sourcing—and the HSN line’s not terribly inexpensive…
M: We still use luxurious shapes and a lot of beautiful details, but again, we just have to source so much more carefully. When we’re doing couture, price isn’t an object—and for this collection it’s an important part. It’s about bringing glamour to a woman’s every day life. It’s casual, but it’s still special. It’s not just stripped down office clothes.
J: It’s not minimal.
M: There’s beautiful beading, cuts, things you’d might not typically see in a lower-priced line.

Why do you think HSN and QVC line have become so popular among upscale designers?
J: It’s a matter of extending your brand to reach more people. We started talking to them before the economy went south—actually, Mindy Grossman [CEO of HSN] was one of the people I worked with at my first job over 25 years ago, so she’s been trying to get us to do this for a while.
M: The more and more we investigated it, we couldn’t believe how many women shop HSN. Once they tuck the kids away, they buy something at 1 in the morning. It’s valid.

Do you guys shop HSN?
J: I have now! I hadn’t before, but we had to do our research!
M: I’m so not a shopper, but James will buy things for the house.
J: It was kind of funny, we opened a shop in Palm Beach and no less than 12 women stopped us on the street and said they had bought things from HSN. It’s a wide range in demographics.
M: That’s funny about the way they do business. We opened a couture store, and we have our HSN line.

Who do you love to watch on HSN?
J: Iman! We both love Iman. When she models a wrap or something it just looks so elegant
M: I also really like Carlos Falchi with his bags. Wolfgang Puck also has a huge business on HSN, and he’s got such great personality.

Did anyone give you advice about your TV debuts?
J: Stefani Greenfield was really friendly and helpful. She told us don’t worry, don’t drink too much Red Bull. And HSN is really amazing as a company. Their resources are never-ending.

Now that you’ve conquered television, how about a reality show?

J: No!
M: We’d be way too boring.
J: It’d be cancelled too fast, they wouldn’t even put it on the air. Believe me, we’ve been approached before but we knew it would be a bad idea!

So what’s next for you then?
M: Right now our plates are pretty full. We’re building a big store on Rodeo Drive, so that’s a big project!
J: Menswear is on our list. We actually started our company doing both men’s and women’s, but then women’s took off and we couldn’t do it all. Now we’re feeling it out again, testing the waters.

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