2010 March 8

A Moment With...Chris March

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Meryl Streep in Chris March, with Fred Leighton jewelry and a Swarovski clutch Meryl Streep in Chris March, with Fred Leighton jewelry and a Swarovski clutch
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It’s clearly March’s month. The Daily caught up with ex-Project Runway contestant Chris March after he dressed the iconic Meryl Streep for the Oscars Sunday night. This marks the second time March dressed Streep for an awards show, as he first teamed up with the actress back in January for the Golden Globes. Known for his opulent and theatrical costume designs, March tamped things down for Oscar night, creating a glamorous, white long-sleeved gown for the Best Actress nominee. We chatted with the designer as he divulged what it feels like to see his design illuminated by the red carpet and his longtime love of all things Streep.

Congratulations! How are you feeling this morning?
Thank you! I feel pretty good considering the gown is making a lot of best dressed lists today.

Yes! And this isn’t the first time you dressed Meryl Streep.
I dressed her initially for the Golden Globes; we were kind of put together by her hair and makeup stylist. She talked to me about making a dress for that awards show, and it seemed to come off very well and was very successful.

And so then Meryl Streep approached you for the Oscars?
Yes, then she called me and explained that she would like me to make her Oscar gown. I was so excited! The Golden Globes is one thing, but the Oscars is another! I wasn’t nervous because I really liked the idea that she had.

What were her requests for the gown?
She had this lacquered art deco diamond bracelet that she wanted to serve as the inspiration. Very Old Hollywood glamour. I came up with a silhouette that I thought was classic but still modern in a sense. She definitely wanted a plunging neckline, [laughs] but of course, we were both careful about how plunging! I had a sense of how she wanted to look, and I think we worked on it very well together.

What did it feel like to see Meryl Streep grace the red carpet in your gown?
I was so overwhelmed. Even before it happened tears started welling up in my eyes, and I was like, Oh my God, here it comes, here it comes. With all the jewelry, hair, makeup, shoes, everything put together…it was just this magical effect. People are really responding to the design, which is great.

Was Meryl a Project Runway fan?
She definitely was! She told me when she was filming Doubt she would watch my season of Project Runway. She actually came to my finale show, although it was such a chaotic day and I didn’t get to meet her. She called up and requested if she could come to the show and I said sure, we will make it happen somehow!

What’s your favorite Streep flick?
I would have to say Postcards from the Edge. I’ve probably seen it 200 times.

Who else would be your fantasy celebrity to dress?
I always say I’d like to make something for Cher. She’d probably go more on the crazy, over the top side than Meryl Streep. Who know knows now? Anything could happen!

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